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Gravity Feed Fixtures

The customer needed a way to utilize a small space within its existing shelving and merchandising plan. Einstein developed a telescoping and expandable rack system.  

Pull, Slide & Swivel Products

The client needed a completed system to maximize a minimal space to merchandise and stock products throughout the day. Einstein created an entire series of products that allows our clients to stock quickly, efficiently, and rotate stock. 

Mobile/Folding Chip Rack

The customer needed a simple way to merchandise products on-demand; holidays, seasonal events, back-to-school, etc. Einstein developed an easy to open & close fixture that held over 100 lbs of product, had graphic panels, and withstood the rigorous store environment. 

Customer Activation Center

The client needed a fixture that could interact with customers.  Einstein created a centralized customer activation center that utilized digital & wireless technologies. 

Security Lockers with Wifi Locks

The client needed a way to keep multiple products of various sizes locked behind a solid steel and steel grid/mesh. The locking mechanisms we chose were passive and active systems.


The client needed a beautifully constructed 'kiosk" that could be used inside the store and could handle a variety of merchandising options. Einstein created a fixture that was mobile, powered, lighted, and securable. 

Augmented Reality Applications

The client needed an Augmented Reality Application for iOS and Android phones/tablets to communicate with its staff. Einstein created an easy-to-use, easy-to-update application that was image and map driven. 

Holiday Dress Up Kit

The client needed a dress-up kit for seasonal promotions. Einstein created an easy-to-install kit that attached to the client's existing POS fixtures. 

CD Store
Retail Grocery Mobile Chip Bread Rack
Hairband Merchandiser

The client needed a fixture that could attach to the pegboard and hold an exceptional amount of product. Einstein created a fixture that telescoped out and had various hidden pieces to maximize the space. 

Retail Grocery Hair Band Merchandiser Fixture
Retail Grocery Hair Band Merchandiser Fixture
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